Joe The Butcher


Joe Bristow is the Buckhorn Steakhouse Butcher.  With no break in service, Joe’s loyalty has been with only family-owned operations for 37 years… Andronico’s Berkeley, Lawrence’s Walnut Creek Meats, Raley-Teel Sacramento, and now the Pickerel & Bajakian family’s Buckhorn, here in Winters.  Joe has extensive experience in butchering carcass beef, lamb, pork & game. He has worked wholesale, retail, self serve, service counters and the past 8 years in a famous steakhouse. Joe purchases, ages, and hand cuts to perfection, all of the Certified Angus Beef for The Buckhorn Steakhouse. His complete butcher shop is right here in the “Back of House”.  Joe The Butcher says, “The job is still fun. It’s easy when you really believe in your product.”